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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Greetings, Valencia County! Today is the last day of summer 2022. Time to finish harvesting the bountiful farms, ranches, wineries, orchards and preparing for fall. Hopefully you had a prosperous bounty!

A great time to join Valencia Business Directory

Now is a good time to ask ourselves, "is my business flourishing?" You are super busy and work hard. But do you have time to market yourself and your business?

Do you have to compete with Albuquerque businesses because people don't know you are right here in Valencia County?

Starting a business is a dream but can take everything you have; money, blood, sweat and tears to stay afloat and then to get noticed, especially after the last couple of years of economic pain and uncertainty in our lives.

There is an awesome spirit of entrepreneurship in our community. It is so great to know there continue to be new businesses starting here in Valencia County. It speaks to the richness of the talent and resourcefulness of Valencia County residents.

Once you do start your new business, how do your customers know you exist? Friends and family are always our greatest supporters. But getting seen by the whole community is hard.

I know. I work on it all the time and it's not an easy task. Like a garden, it takes time and tending.

I agree, there is nothing better than word of mouth for trustworthiness. You know. Your cousin's neighbor has a brother-in-law in the business, and he is the best, right? That is a great way to find someone who already has trust in your work. But, they are still going to get online to see if they can find you. Everyone wants to know if you are 'LEGIT' before they spend money with you.

So, the next level is advertising. Signage, business cards, brochures, menus are all important because we meet customers in so many different ways. But the one thing that still cannot be beat is 'ONLINE ADVERTISING'.

Many people think, If they can get on their phone -- search and find your business online, they feel that you are a bona fide supplier or service. You know what? This is actually true.

As Night Owl Websites, I create websites and other marketing products for small business people, but I haven't found one directory that ties it altogether. Having one website that is easy for any of us to find access is so super important for you and your current and future customers.

So what might be the best combination of "I know somebody" and online advertising?