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Shop Local

Every dollar you spend in a locally owned, independent business has a huge impact on the local economy. In fact, your dollar will have three times the economic benefit compared to the same purchase made at a chain retailer.


  • Beyond the immediate effect of payroll, independent businesses bank locally, hire local accountants, attorneys and consultants, graphic designers, and advertise in local media. While big box retailers have an immediate impact on the local economy by means of payroll, a whopping 86% of the average chain retailer’s revenue leaves the state, flowing to out-of-state suppliers, and back to corporate headquarters.


  • Independent businesses are owned by people who are your neighbors. They make their decisions based on the needs and interests of their customers, not by some formulaic concept of a distant corporate office. Our freedom of choice is imperiled when a few buyers from national chains choose what reaches consumers.


  • Locally owned, independent businesses offer original and unique products and services. This adds interest, diversity, and character to our communities. By shopping locally, you support the independent business owner’s creativity and ingenuity, and help create a more vibrant shopping experience for everyone.

Thank You!

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