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Fresh Approach in Marketing

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Valencia County, New Mexico. We are an interesting bunch, aren't we? Tons of history. Lots of family. So many small businesses that are mostly started and run by our relatives, our neighbors, our buddies, our friends. We live in Belen, Los Chavez, Jarales, Bosque Farms, Los Lunas, and a handful of even smaller communities.

I have been thinking, for a while, that one thing we don't have, is a network that is run by us, the citizens of Valencia County. Yeah, we have Facebook, Yelp, Google and Instagram. These are great networks and I myself am a little addicted. But they are not personalized for our community and they lack the cariño that can only be shared by people who have walked into the doors of our stores and cafes. They just don't know us like we know us.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a website directory that can be personalized. One that looks and feels more like us. One that knows about those delicious breakfast burritos that Miriam makes at the Veguita Trading Post, or the green chile that comes from so many of our local farms. Or that those guys at Sisneros Brothers not only create large scale manufactured sheet metal systems, but also have the high tech tools to create signage or jewelry. Gina and EZ run a brand new RV Park that is revamped and has a fantastic view of the city of the Rio Abajo Valley and Manzano Mountains. These things would be good to know.

We have actual wine-tasting at several vineyards and wineries that we love to bring our visitors to see. We have small, medium and large farms and ranches that produce green chile, honey, flour, vegetables, pecans, and of course, grapes for vino.

So why are we always going to Albuquerque?

Local Coffee Stop
Coffee at Roadrunner Pit Stop

What if we tried to spend more of our money right here where we live? Lots of us try. Even if each of us spends a few less dollars at Walmart, it would not hurt them, but it could make a world of difference to a small business.

What if we created a place online where we could celebrate our business owners and their products and services?

Join Us. Help us, help our neighbors survive and thrive. Valencia Business Directory wants to list your business. we want to tell your story. We want everyone to know that you are here and you are open for business!

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